Gabriele Baratto at the 2022 EMERGENCY Festival

Reggio Emilia

Gabriele Baratto participated in the 2022 edition of the EMERGENCY Festival in the event “Migrations, the dark side” (IT: “Migrazioni, il lato oscuro“), held in Piazza Prampolini in Reggio Emilia on Friday, September 2, from 21:00.

The meeting was chaired by Giampaolo Musumeci (photographer, filmmaker and journalist), while the speakers (besides Gabriele Baratto) were: Nello Scavo (journalist), Fabio Geda (writer), Pietro Parrino (EMERGENCY Field Operations Department Director) and Carlo Maisano (EMERGENCY Tecnhical Coordinator, connected from the Port of Genoa)


Official website of the Festival

Credits: illustration by Flavio Rosati (from the EMERGENCY Twitter profile)